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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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tell us if this person i am leaving them with is a secure individual, that that child is going to be safe and that is basically what we are looking at and whoever we leave that child with, and on the days that i was on patrol and it was some of it is things where we had a responsible party en route and that sometimes is an older brother or sister but now you are actually going to take responsibility for that specific officer to make sure that kid is safe. whether there are teens or not, that that kid is going somewhere where they are going to be okay and we don't have to worry about them because we don't want another crime occurring while the parents are incars rating and now you are putting the liability on that officer to make sure that the interaction that the chief has stated the importance of children. that is the facet throughout the career is the chief and what about the children, they are our future and you see the two bright young women before you and our other youth commissioner, and fantastic
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what they are doing and several of the people out there in the streets, that can learn from the people like this and this is exactly what this order is all about. and is making sure that they have the opportunity to be safe at least for the week, and the night, the week and maybe the month. and whatever it might take, as marion said and so it is a long term plan it look at not just dropping the kid off to get him out of the way to make the arrest it is looking more at the long term effect of it and that is the basis of why the chief and the dc really want this. and i think that it is the new beginning for the police work. and as commissioner loftus said that we are preparing the military organization and we have responsibility of all victims, and not just the suspects that we capture on a daily basis, but also the children that are up behind that are often times not heard of. and we forget about them and we are taking responsibility for them. >> great. i had a second question and this might be too knitt picky or lawyerry for this discussion and i think that as mckency was
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presenting her scenario, has the drafters considered the impact on miles am miranda violations in a domestic violence, acknowledging that this is their child that could be an element of the offense and throw out other statements made at a later point, or if the person who has been arrested has been asked to explain to the child what is going on and make an admission in front of the officer how is that going to play out? >> the miranda is going to be arrested person and not the children, and db is another issue altogether that we are addressing in our new upcoming general order and i am glad that you brought it up. and so we are meeting with the same parties and additional parties in review of that domestic violence order which does have a whole section about children in specific to this. and like i said, this is kind of the first step in generating all of the arrests here in the city and dealing with the children on the basis of it and i think that it forces the
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officers too, to look at miranda issues and whether they are doing, an arrest warrant later, or whatever might happen there is a notification that has to be made that if you are let's say after an incident occurred a month prior and now you have a warrant that has been through the da's office and you do have to take into consideration those kids. >> sure. >> it is addressing their needs also, including a warrant or a search or any other thing when you go on a premise, and so, we are at the first step here and we still have other work to do on the general orders and you will be seeing those, hopefully very soon. >> thank you very much. >> i do have the situations and
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all of that. and the things happen like boom boom boom, and so, for you to tackle this, factoring this, and the safety and why you are making, you know, these arrests with folks, some of whom don't always have their children's best interest at heart but i know that. and i mean that chief i admire you for taking this on and looking out for the children no matter what the situation of the parents are because, so this is, this is required training and sensitivity and all that have and while at the same time just discharging your job in a difficult situation and so i know that it is going to be you know, a lot of training and rethinking and all of that, but again, thank you for tackling a very difficult, difficult thing that puts, you know the officers in the situation where now this is going to be on them to do.
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so, kutos. >> thank you. >> commissioner dejesus? >> thank you, i want to thank everybody for the presentation and it was wonderful. and one of the things that i want to commend the chief for is just we certainly have a modern police force and we have a commitment to policing and this is just another aspect of the community policing and taking care of the children in the community and it clearly, the police department has been doing this with the bulletin, and it so, but it actually surprises me that it was not codified in the general order and i want to thank the chief to taking the leadership in this and putting it in place, because as i said, in terms of community, policing our children are very important and the police officers, doing the task of the arresting are the first responders that handle the children. and i like the idea that you know, if you are going to leave it with someone that you are going to do a background check and make sure that they are protected with the people that they are staying with and that it is referred to and i can't
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remember the term and the department of social service person and to make sure that there is follow up and a check. and so this is wonderful, and i am glad that it is codified and i am surprised it was not earlier and i want to say thank you and i see this as an wonderful aspect and attribute to the community policing in its best form. >> thank you. >> and sergeant, is there anything that you like to add, i know that you have worked hard on this. >> anything? >> commissioners i just want to thank our community partners and they worked really hard with us, and i know that it took a while, but with the chief, and chief and they made that commitment when the community partners came to us and asked us to do it and we moved and under their leadership. thank you. >> thank you. >> moments like this, before we have public comment and vote on this that make meself feel very proud to be part of this police commission and what this police department does ask looking out
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in the audience and seeing the collaborativive effort from the police department and the occ and the youth commission and the children that are actually involved and the experienced community advocates and this is very amazing, and so, you know, this is kutos to everybody and so thank you very much. >> if your... is or the departments have anything like this? i am just curious? >> there are a few, but i do want to highlight that the urban institute has contacted the chief and the agency as well because they want to have san francisco be a study sight and it is a national issue and so they have identified san francisco and two other cities because of how innovative this program is. >> great. >> now that is even great. >> great. >> thanks. >> is there any public comment, regarding this new department general order which i am going to pass pretty quick. >> the children.
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>> yes. >> long time no see, how are you? >> hello. >> so my name is larry, edmonds and if you can see this right here, i think that i am here today, and it is because i think about growing up in arkansas, and as a child and the police, and sergeant in arkansas, and there was a sheriff, and west and in arkansas there was doors that lead or to the sheriff. and then, as i went to chicago, my uncle officer william love, and i look at my life born in 61, and i seen the movies scared straight, it did something for me but now i find myself in the world where you cannot be the criminal but you can be have the side effects of the criminal and why sometimes for the people that does not take the criminal and not robbed and killed and shoot.
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those things are instilled in me and i find out in the city and i just found out from the nwc, p, and wal-mart is now taking over bad people coming out of jail and giving them jobs in the south and so the commander and even this city. >> you need to stay on track with the general order. >> and i want to know, and i am still a child. i still believe that your child you are a child and you are a child of god and so what i am looking at today is where those people really never been a criminal or you have been a victim but you are treated like that is one thing that children should know. and as me growing up with a young person, and i didn't turn the back and i could have had
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and i brothers and sisters who were harder than i was, but i still think that we need to have generations of people out there, telling people about scares straight, and not to do the wrong things, it helped me and that was about the guy going to prition on, or something and so why i am not a criminal and why i don't do the things that people do and my mother and dad never went to jail and it is about where you grow up, if you never see them go to jail you become that. that is what i would like to say to the children, you can always change but also, we need to pay and give respect to those persons who did not do those things who went on to be like you and i feel like now, in this life, this coming for me to the police, and i want to have a police pageant and a fireman pageant because you work a lot and like to give you all time off. i am glad to be here because i don't know what i am going to do at the end of the night but coming up on the fourth floor the commission is here.
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>> any further public comment regarding this? >> hearing none, do i have a motion? >> i move to pass or to approve djo7.04. >> i second that. >> monroe? >> president mazzucco? >> aye. >> vice president turman. >> aye. >> commissioner marshall? >> aye. >> commissioner dejesus. >> aye >> commissioner loftus. >> aye. >> commissioner womaning. womaning. >> aye. >> the motion passes. congratulations, thank you very much. >> call line item number four. >> four, 4 a, chief's report report and announcements
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discuss recent activity and presentation of the first quarter 2014 fdrb findings and recommendations and ois investigative summary, and status update regarding traffic enforcement programs and actions. >> good evening, chief. good evening commissioners i will keep my comments short because i know that we have two presentations and we have been going a while. as long as we are going to present on the first quauters findings i will give a crime update in the first quarter of 2014, violent crime is down 14 percent, and including robberies are down 25 percent, and the property crime is relatively flat, but the over all crime in san francisco is down, three percent. and there was some mention of us doing pretty well with regard to homicides, and homicides are down about 50 percent this year as compared to last year, which was the second best year in at least ten maybe longer. and we believe that this year we may be actually at a record.
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and going to the year to date for today, and we have had seven homicides in san francisco to put that in perspective, in 2008 on this same date we have had 39 and so, we definitely have made the inroads and we are at half of the shootings that we were in 2008, but about the same as we were last year, and so there is work to be done, and i think that it is big distributor factor to this reduction in homicide are all of these partnerships and all of the help that we get from the people outside of the police department. certainly general hospital being the trauma center that it is, and saving the lives of some of these shooting victims that get there. there is no way that we get this done without everybody else. and and probably the largest factor will be the jobs program, for 7,000 kids from the summer are getting jobs verses getting into trouble. we did have a tough last week, we had two homicides, and this
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past week, we had the one that was spoken to earlier on the 900 block of mission. and that suspect is in custody, and then last night, at about 6:00 at night, there was a shooting from car to car in the bay view, and at cargo street where one victim was struck and he did not survive his injuries and he passed today. and so, again, general as great as they are they can't save everybody. i know that commander ali will be making a presentation with regard to our traffic performance. but, in looking at the first quarter numbers, all of the numbers are trending down. with the exception of our citations which are up tremendously. and so i think that again, our partners, walk sf and bike sf, and certainly those in the city hall and the mayor's office as wells the enforcement campaign, and i wish that the numbers were down more but at least they are trending down to some degrees, as far as other items
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of interest, we went to the peace officer memorial, and the annual memorial held this year it was mced by the attorney general and the governor spoke about 40 minutes from the police department went up. and very sadly last year there were eight officers killed in the line of duty. 105 nationally which was actually the lowest amount in the last 30 years. so far this year, we have lost, 38 nationally, so more than we lost, and 38 nationally, which if you take that quarter will be more than last year and seven so far, just year to date in california, where we lost 8 in all of last year. so, again, dangerous job that the officers do a great job at it and it is impact the violent crime here in san francisco and today was the they did a prescription drug summit led by the u.s. attorney, and we participated with the dea last saturday. for take back day. and we took over 730 pounds of
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unused and unwanted prescription meds and through the san francisco division over 20 tons were taken back as prescription drugs that are a huge problem in this country and since if you combine it with the 7 previous take backs there is over, 1700 tons of pills taken in on these respectful take back days that will not fall into other hands. and so i think that a lot of work being done and a lot of partnership and a lot of good. things that where there is no way that we can get it done by itself. >> i think that another word for that is collaboration. i stand corrected and i will subin collaboration. >> and so *, with that, i will stand down, and in the interest of time and bring up the next piece of the chief's report for the fbrb report i believe. >> and also we are going to do and just so that the audience knows that tomorrow is bike to
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workday and so we have another agenda item that requires our folks for bike to workday to be up tomorrow morning at 6:00 on your bikes and once we finish this portion of the chief's report we are going to move into that and the occ's director report. >> commander ali has... >> i don't mind waiting. >> good evening sergeant. >> good evening. let me get my presentation. >> i am sergeant john cruto
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from the internal affairs division and i am here to present the sergeant review board from 2014, as well as the status update on the officer involved shooting investigations. before i do, i just kind of want to go over this real quick, the packet that you received with all of these, you know, quarterly for these reports i just want to make sure that you understand the information that i am providing to you. in addition to this chief's cover letter, there is a couple of documents, that one, is a summary of the officer involved open officer involved shooting investigations so you get a
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quick summary of that and another is just a list, since 2009. of the status of officer-involved shooting investigations and you can see sort of just kind of get a brief summary of where they actually are. in a real quick snapshot. and then the third, item is just a list with a brief narrative of the officer involved shootings and dating back to 2000 with the one line of what the out come or what the finding was or whether it is an open investigation and so you have all of that material and we are going to focus on the fbrb and the officer involved shooting investigations. first with the fdrb, the fire and discharge review board met on march 25, 2014. and we had two complete investigations to present. and one was oid, 0114 and the other one was oid 0214.
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and the fdrb was composed of the deputy chief of administration, and the chief serving as a chair as well as chief loftus and smith and works as the voting members. and our advisory members director hicks was there and as was commissioner marshall. and in addition, we had captain from the risk management and the captain was off in the academy and the sergeant from the ranch. and with regard to the two cases, the first case, 0114, was presented by the administrative investigator, sergeant, and in this case, it occurred on january 25th, 2014. and 1700 block of connecticut and in this case, a couple of bay view officers were following up on a trespassing complaint. and in the course of that, the subject that they were dealing with released his pit bull that charged at the officers, and
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chased one officer and tried to climb a fence to get away and fell, and fell to his back and the dog continued to charge and he fired one round at the dog fatally striking it and stopping the attack and that was found to be in policy. and the other discharge occurred, january 28th, 2014, in the golden gate park and there is a small meadow on 25th avenue, between martin luther king and it occurred in that meadow there and in this particular case, the officers responded to a couple of priority calls at 25th and lincoln and one call is regarding one woman screaming and regarding a fight in progress and possibly involving dogs and as it turns out there were a couple of dogs attacking some homeless people in the park there. and they were circling and a couple of people and when the officers got there was one man on the ground with the severe dog bite injuries and there was a woman and a good samaritan who had suffered a dog bite.
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and the officers attempted to contain the two dogs, and animal control arrived and they were unsuccessful in capturing the dogs and they believe that the dogs were a danger to the public and they needed back up to get the dogs, but the back up was ten to 20 minutes away and when the dogs escaped the perimeter the officers tried to set up, and got in, and got away in the golden gate park. and it was decided that the other dangerous dog that was still there, had to be put down. and the dog was shot one time by up to it was set and the backdrop was cleared and the dog was shot one time with a rifle from a distance. and the dog was rithing in pain and when they closed in to check on the dog was in such pain that it was put down for to prevent further suffering with a hand gun. and so that was also, found to
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be in policy. the next firearm discharge review board is tentatively schedule and i say tentatively because it has to go to the administration bureau and the sergeant will be putting that together, but, it is schedule for friday, june 14th and there are issues with the police olympics and the availability of people and the following week, we get the fourth of july week. and so, friday, june 20th. and it was the next one. now, regarding the status of our officer involved shooting investigations. as you have seen, from the materials with you, and there are currently, 20 open officer involved shooting investigations in various stages. and three cases were closed last week and that does not include, the three cases that were completely closed and finished out all documentation completed since the last time that i presented and not counting those and they will not appear on the lists except to show as a closed case, three
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new cases did open and one, 14, 002, occurred on the 4th of february. and 14003 occurred on the 8th of march and 14004 occurred on the 21st of march and i will get into those more but you have been briefed on some of these. 5 cases have active very active criminal or administrative components of the investigations at this point. and in one case we have received the charging decision letters from the da's office. that has been for the homicide, homicide actually completed their investigation, now, and that is with our office and so we are going to be able to wrap that one up and 11 cases are currently sitting with the district in some phase of review. and either with the reports being prepared or drafting the final charging decision letter for us. and with regard to the three, new investigations since the
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last quarterly, 14002 as i said, it occurred on the 4th of february, and as returned to 2 and convened and the officers returned the regular assignment and that decision was presented to you on february 12th, 2014. and 14003, occurred on march 8th, and to return to the panel convened and the officers returned to the regular duty assignment after the presentation to you on april second, 2014. and 1404, occurred on march 21st and returned to convene, and by, and i just say that it was five business days after the time frame for the return to duty panel. and the chief decision was presented also on april second so the officers don't return until the decision has been presented to you and those cases it is returned on approximately with the respectful date that it is presented to the police commission. >> so just in terms of a year to year, 2011, those three cases up top are the ones that are all done and you have all
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of the documentation and they are all concluded and 1107 the oldest case that we have, that is the report that we just received in the internal affairs division and we are wrapping that up and my understanding is that the charging decision letter, if it is not complete is pretty darn close and we should be getting that very soon into the homicide. and with 2012, all of the 2012 incidents, 1, 2, 3, 4, excuse me, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, those were all in a review phase with the district attorney's office and we waiting on the charging decisions and that is the same with the 2013, 1, 2, 3, and 2013, case five. 1304 because this question comes up and that case is already all closed there was no criminal complaint and that was an accidental discharge that injured the officer and that is a closed case, the remaining
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cases 1306, 07, 08, 09 as well as the 4 cases from 2014, are all open and active investigations at this time. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. sergeant, great work, and it looks like everything is moving with dr. marshall and dejesus says that when we got in the commission there was a backlog that you would not believe and now that is cleared and it appears that we are waiting for the old he have cases for the decisions from the da's office and i understand that moving faster on this. >> and i am talking to my counter parts over there and trying to parcel out more work and keep it moving. >> all right, commissioner dejesus? >> and that is exactly my question, is moving the backlog like, o7 and i don't know, 7 years ago, and that is 2011. >> okay. >> 2011. okay.
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>> so. what is the typical amount of time? >> our average is probably by the time that they get it up to review is about 18 months. >> and i guess, is there something like especially with the older cases is there something that we can do or the department can do to help speed up the investigations. >> what they had the policy in the past had been one of the issues was that they were waiting until the criminal case was completely adjudicated and separating the focus on whether the officer had and was there any criminal activity by the officer and trying to separate that out and that should accelerate the process, as well as the fact that parceling it out and my understanding is that they are trying a new process with hopefully the effect of also accelerating of by fur bifercating and the
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idea of accelerating it. >> you are doing a good job, it will be good if we could continue to stay on that. >> just for the record just going to a lot of the training of the outside agencies. and 18 months, is not an unusual time. we are probably looking at the average and we are probably about a 24 months between practically the time that the event occurs until we have it completely closed and we have a couple of cases lingering that may be a little older but i would say that the average is probably in the range of 24 months and the training with the outside agency and maybe a little longer, but it is not by an order of magnitude. we are looking at other agencies 18 to 20 months and hearing that it was actually, i didn't feel as upset, you know, sometimes, >> this process, would that help to speed up in the 18 months? >> i think that that is the purpose.
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it remains to be seen. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner turman? >> actually, all of my questions were asked by commissioner dejesus on the exact same page. and i was really interested is there anything that we can do to help work with the da's office to move this along faster. but you have answered that for me, sergeant thank you. commissioner loftus? >> i bet that you can tell me what i am going to say, because i say the same thing. one, incredible job. great work putting this altogether and two, 18 months is just too long. and i am saying it to say it to you because you are here, and i would apologize in advance. but what it is bad for a couple of reasons and just for the people who are watching, on one hand, if a crime was committed cases don't get better, the best defense attorneys know that the more time that goes, the case does not get better, memory fade and evidence you know goes by the way side and people are less interested, if something bad did happen and there is a crime we want to hold that office